Guidelines and Province Development Axes

In the direction of realization of Long-Term Goals of the country development perspective, the base theory of national development and ecological directions of the land, regarding to the province features, its development has been multidimensional and the province main missions and obligations will not be based on production and science & technology in different economical-social (agriculture, tourism , industry, top services , and modern commerce ) and the province share enhancement in the national and international interactions. Any emphasis on the above-mentioned priorities will not prevent exploitation of the province capabilities and capacities. Therefore, the main province development guidelines are as follows :

1- Quality development and agricultural output enhancement with emphasis on promoting technology, productivity, production factors, and using more modem methods of production and irrigation with supporting agriculture and horticulture substructures.

2- Promoting technological level of agricultural production and using an appropriate pattern of cultivation, with development of greenhouses, water planting and accumulated one, especially in dry regions suffering lack of water in the province.

3- Tourism development regarding the capacities and capabilities of the province, specifically in Isfahan city as one of the basic tourist centers of the country aimed at presenting Iranian-Islamic pure culture in a worldwide level, and supporting the country tourism place at international levels and in a competition with other considerable tourist cities of the world.

4- Supporting and equipping facilities and installations in an international standard level to receive domestic and foreign visitors to promote the province tourism level in: historical, architecture, urbanization, cultural, and ecotourism with an emphasis on desert regions.

5- Utilization of the province capacities and capabilities in the direction of promoting the province cultural interactions at an international level.

6- Preservation and settlement of historical-cultural textures and traditional architecture, and revival of handicrafts considering the importance and the global place of the province at cultural heritage.

7- Alteration of the industrial activities structure, industry development through promoting technological level of production with priority to metallurgy industry and metal melting, chemical industry, electronics, aerospace industries, textile and changing & complementary industries related to agriculture with an emphasis on production share enhancement of basic knowledge.

8- Creating compatibility between industrial and agricultural activities and observing environmental considerations in the province industrial development , especially in urban areas and installing them in appropriate paces and limiting industrial development of Isfahan metropolis to a high and clean technology.

9- Developing identification and search activities related to minerals with high added values, using new technologies and productivity enhancement, and exploitation development of current mines in the field of metal and nonmetal mines and ornamental stones.

11-The development of Modern Commerce Services and supporting the required substructures with an emphasis on decentralization in storage and distribution of merchandise and establishing centers for unloading and distributing goods in a regional level and at an appropriate distance from Isfahan